The wry observation that “the three most important things in real estate
location, location, and location
has been around for the better part of a century. The wisdom of that wisecrack
is still undeniable—including for when it comes to buying Camp Hill homes. It is,
after all, why a house in one of Camp Hill’s more desirable areas will generally
sell at a premium to one of equal size and construction in a less sought-after area.

For 21st-century house hunters who might be inclined to pay location
less heed than their forebears, that
could be risky. After all, what originally made one area more desirable than others
has usually been a combination of meaningful factors. The first has to do with
its raw attributes—the visual appeal of its setting, the quality of its
microclimate, or its relative insulation from natural hazards.

Then there’s the livability
factor of a location’s accessibility—its ease of access to places of work,
shopping, and recreation. We may be have become an ever-more-mobile society, but
a lengthy daily commute does exact a price in terms of quality of life. For
anxious parents, a home’s location in a superior Camp Hill school district can
be the decisive draw. And as the holidays approach, it’s easy to recall how
near proximity to a major airport can keep far-flung family members in the fold.

I counsel my clients to give
full weight in their buying decision to the distinct equation that is location.
It is, when all is said and done, the quality that stands alone—the one that’s
utterly immutable. Before you’ve bought, it’s the part you can’t negotiate.
After you’ve bought, it’s the part you can’t do anything about!

Buying your Camp Hill home should be a thoughtful process, but if it’s also fun, the result is guaranteed. Give me a call when you’re ready to begin hunting!  

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