Camp Hill Homeowners Nearly Celebrate Tax Day 2018

Aaron Rissinger
Aaron Rissinger
Published on April 17, 2018



The concept of “Tax Day” and “Celebration” aren’t often found in tandem—except for the sense of relief that follows after the past year’s federal returns are filed and done with. Tax Day falls on Tuesday this year, which gives even the most procrastination-prone Camp Hill filers among us an extra day or two to wrestle with the paperwork.

There is at least one website that makes the unlikely connection between tax time and party time. It’s, which proposes that everyone celebrate. “Tax Time: Instead of Dread, Host a Tax Party” was its easy-to-ignore advice. Among the ideas to party down were “gather friends and do your taxes together” and “make a piñata, stuff it with paper play money, and give partiers a stick…”

 Upon reflection, though, once Tuesday’s deadline has passed, there are a couple of celebratory possibilities. First and foremost, we don’t have to deal with the forms again for another year. In that sense, Tuesday is a really terrific day. Even if you send the details off to your tax professional to do the drudge work, it means you won’t have to gather the receipts for the better part of a whole year. Good news, for sure.

And of course, for Camp Hill homeowners, tax time does yield a positive moment or two. That’s when we get to gaze gratefully at the totals for the considerable tax breaks that accompany ownership of Camp Hill homes. Between mortgage interest and property tax write-offs, those significant totals with the minus signs in front of them are cause for great relief (if not actual celebration). Congratulations, Camp Hill homeowners!

For everyone who has had enough of missing out on those significant homeownership benefits, do give me a call. I’ll do my best to see that come next year’s Tax Day, you get to share in the almost-celebrations!

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Camp Hill Homeowners Nearly Celebrate Tax Day 2018
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